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America Oversea Warehouse Address

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America Oversea Warehouse Address

  Dear all our friends:

 First of all,We would like to say a special thank you to our new and old customers,thank you for your continued support and trust in our company!And now we arrange our mini 7R in US warehouse.

 Mini 7r is very popular on stage which with small size and strong beam effect.At present, our mini 7r sales of overseas market  have increased several times. In order to continuously meet the needs of customers and shorten the time from production to transportation, we have arrange our mini 7r an overseas warehouse in America.

 After you place an order, we will deliver it from the overseas warehouse to you through UPS or FeDex. It can arrive in two days at the fastest, or you can also pick it up by yourself.  The establishment of overseas warehouses greatly shortens the transportation time and cost, and also provides you with a convenient delivery service. We can deliver it to your door as soon as you need it!

 And in the next step, we are planning to add the popular battery par lights to our overseas warehouse, and more and more lights will be sent to overseas warehouses.

 Thank you for your time and welcome to send us inquiry.

 Have a good day!





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