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As for our company, battery wireless includes our par lights, batten lights, COB and spotlights.  At present, the lights which with battery and wireless in the stage lighting market are very popular and widely used. The addition of these two is a perfect combination, which greatly improves the customer's satisfaction with the use of lights. For batteries, we generally use high-quality lithium batteries to ensure the battery life of the lights and ensure the customer's use time. The function of increasing the battery is for the convenience of customers. It can be used without connecting to the power. According to the capacity of the battery, it can last for about 2 to 8 hours. This time is enough to hold an event or party, and adding wireless can be convenient for customers to use.

The wireless is built-into the lights, turn on the wireless function of the light and then connect the wireless receiver to the console, you can control the light through the console and wireless, without the need for signal lines. The lights with battery and wireless is suitable for small and large events, and there are no restrictions on usage scenarios.



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