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  • European Big Stage Light DJ Party Event


    Recently, European customers bought a batch of stage lights from our company, including moving head lights, strobe lights and beam lights, and held a big DJ party. Read More

  • America Oversea Warehouse Address


    Mini 7r is a basic stage light. At present, our mini 7r overseas market has doubled. In order to continuously meet the needs of customers and shorten the time from production to transportation, we have set up an overseas warehouse in America. This is our address of overseas warehouse in Read More

  • Waterproof Battery DMX Led tube Light


    Waterproof battery LED tube light is a new product which produced by LEAHUA Light. It generally use on stage, show, event and film production. As an atmosphere setting fixture, the tube light shows excellent auxiliary functions both indoors and outdoors. Read More

  • Two major characteristics of led wash light


    Led wash light is a new type of energy-saving lamp that replace traditional incandescent light bulbs. Traditional incandescent lamps (tungsten filament lamps) have high energy consumption and a short lifespan. Under the environment of global resource shortage, their production has been gradually ban Read More

  • The lamp body structure of par light


    The stage par light cooperates with music, scenery, costumes, props, makeup, etc., so that the audience can enjoy the perfect comprehensive stage art. The stage par light was originally used for stage lighting to adjust the brightness and illumination distance of the light, and now it has developed Read More

  • The benefits of effect lights


    With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, higher requirements have been placed on the aesthetics of art. As a representative of elegant art, stage-led effect light play a role that cannot be underestimated in cultivating sentiment and shaping ch Read More

  • Structure and performance test of led wash light


    LED wash light has the characteristics of energy-saving, high light efficiency, rich colors, and long life. It is widely used in the lighting of special facilities such as medical treatment and culture, as well as the atmospheric lighting of entertainment places such as bars and dance halls. There a Read More

  • Par light control technology development


    Par light control technology developmentTo achieve the colorful effects of stage par light, precise and dexterous control mechanisms and corresponding controls are required. From manual to mechanical control, to modern electromechanical control, to current computer and network control, control techn Read More

  • Optical system and lighting system for moving head light


    Optical system and lighting system for moving head lightIn large-scale performance venues such as stages and TV stations, there are many lights and high power. The lights are required to adapt to the changing requirements of the performance. In the past, these control methods were analog control met Read More

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