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Professional Stage Lighting Application from LeaHua

  • DJ
    18*40W wall wash moving head light is a popular light in bar and disco. It can realize dynamic effects such as gradient, pixel control,jump, color flashing, random flashing, gradient alternation, etc and also be controlled by DMX to realize the effects of chasing and scanning. with the big power, a Read More
  • Evening Party
    As shown in the picture, the brilliant effect of the LED moving head light in the picture gives the audience a visual impact. Lighting effects also have an irreplaceable role in creating and adjusting the atmosphere of the scene. The stunning stage lighting design can resonate with the scene and ma Read More
  • Event
    Whether it is a large or small event, LED moving head light is an indispensable light. It can add color and a sense of luxury to the smooth holding of the entire event. With the advancement of science and technology, the function of LED moving head light has been significantly improved compared wit Read More
  • Performance
    As shown in the picture, our client is holding a performance. The effects of various beam moving head lights and the colorful lights make the performer look full of vitality. He is the protagonist tonight! Read More
  • School Hall
    As shown in the picture,our moving head light on the stage can present colorful effects to the audience according to the needs of the actors. The effect of our beam moving head light is to show the art of softness and intellectuality. You can enjoy the aftertaste in the slow dance. Through the combi Read More
  • Concert
    19*15W B-eye is a LED moving head light with three functions of wall washing, beam and FX and a kaleidoscope effect.B-eye moving head light is our very professional and popular light, whether it is in performances or events, it is a very practical and popular light, as shown in the picture, it can a Read More
  • Banquet
    Par light is a widely used light, which is an indispensable light for banquets, weddings and parties. It can add color and warmth to the scene and make the whole process comfortable and pleasant.In order to achieve the warm effect of the party, the use of par lights on the stage played a very obviou Read More



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