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A fresnel is a soft edged circle of light that can zoom in size from spot to flood by changing the relationship of the lamp with the interior reflector. The traditional lamp theatrical fresnels range from 100 to 1000 watts. The LED varieties range in single color white with different kelvin temperatures to a few with color changing ability. The traditional lamp and single color LED units can be colored with gel in a gel frame in the front accessory slot.

Ellipsoidal light, also known as ellipsoidal reflector spotlight(ERS), leko light, profile spotlights(in Europe), named for the ellipsoidal reflector used to collect and direct the light through a barrel that contains a lens. With this versatile fixture, you can control the shape, size, edge, color and intensity of the beam of light. Ellipsoidals can be used for color washes, with an attachment to change the field angle. Ellipsoidals are good for gobo projection, and highlighting actors or scenery on stage.are good for gobo projection, and highlighting actors or scenery on stage.



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