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Development of Stage light

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Development of Stage light

Stage light is one of the comprehensive artistic elements of the stage. The original function is only for lighting. Its function is to adjust the lighting distance, angle, and brightness. With the development of art, special effects technology, dynamic patterns, colorful patterns, and three-dimensional and other artistic special effects are applied to the stage, and stage light is the basis of the above special effects. With the development of science and technology, led stage light is also available, led stage light bar stage film and television lamps are characterized by high integration, safety, long life, low power consumption, and easy operation. With the improvement of led stage light lighting power and photoelectric conversion efficiency, as well as the improvement of chromaticity performance, the development of control technology, especially the development of its intelligent technology, led stage light has also developed rapidly. The following is a description of the development of stage light.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Development of Stage light structure

  • The development trend of Stage light

Development of Stage light structure

Stage light fixtures can be divided into three categories according to the optical structure: flood light fixtures, astigmatism fixtures, and effect fixtures. Floodlight fixtures include all kinds of spotlights, soft light, follow the light, backlight, and so on. It can emit directional light and control the range of the light area. Generally, the principle of refraction is used to project different light spots through the lens. Astigmatism light, also known as flood light, diffused light is soft and uniform. It can be used as background lighting for film and television performances or auditoriums. It is widely used in stage light, sky curtains, substrate lighting, or dyeing light. Stage light can project colorful beam effects, and various desired patterns, and provide on-site light strobe effects, which can realize various special effects such as color mixing, rotating rainbow, strobe, fog, soft light, ghosting, spin, and color correction, and can also be used for all-directional lighting of characters and scenes.

The development trend of Stage light

With the development of modern technologies such as materials, control, and intelligence, stage light technology has also continued to improve, using more energy-saving light sources, miniaturization of lamps, multi-functional stage effects, intelligent control, and networking. Although the lighting efficiency and life of stage light have been greatly improved, continuous exploration of new light sources is the most important research and development direction for stage light sources in the future. The miniaturization of stage lights is the development direction. Nowadays, stage light panels are mostly bulky and bulky due to their multiple functions. However, with the development of integrated circuit technology, various components of stage light will also develop into miniaturization, and will eventually Lightweight and compact portable stage lighting will appear. The demand for stage effects has also prompted the development of stage lights to be multi-functional. The stage light that integrates multiple functions is a development direction, which can be easily used in some small application places. To enable automatic visual tracking, today's image processing technology can be used to collect image data at high frequency and compare the pictures, to realize the light tracking of the characters on the stage. Virtual reality (VR) technology can also facilitate consumers to experience the stage light effect through the network virtual stage light effect so that it is convenient for customers to choose stage light. At the same time, stage light tends to be intelligent and networked and can be detected and controlled through mobile terminals such as mobile phones and tablet computers. The lighting engineer only needs to control the relevant lamps and lanterns through the mobile terminal, check whether the effect of the lamps and lanterns is as expected and make corresponding adjustments without manual operation. Through Internet monitoring, the monitoring and management of multiple-stage lights can be realized to achieve unified, real-time, and effective control. Technicians can collect and analyze a large number of operating parameters of lamps in time through cloud technology, which is convenient for tracking, maintenance, and design of lamps and lanterns.

In stage performances, stage light directly affects the beauty of the dance. To show the artistic effect of stage light, it is necessary to use light reasonably in the stage performance, combine the theme and central idea of the stage program, create a good stage atmosphere, and truly realize that at the same time, it is necessary to understand the creative intention of the program and do a good job of shaping the character image, to ensure the effectiveness of the stage performance. The company will make the stage performance smoother through the rational use of different tones, and the audience can also appreciate the beauty of the stage in the situation and understand the connotation of the stage performance. Stage performance and stage lighting promote each other and integrate perfectly, promote the development of the plot, and further enhance the artistic value of stage lighting. After reading the above content, if you are interested in stage light, you can check our company's website https://www.leahualight.com/, we look forward to your arrival.



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