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European Big Stage Light DJ Party Event

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European Big Stage Light DJ Party Event

GZ LEAHUA LIGHT CO.,LIMITED specializing in production and sales the beam light, led moving head light, battery uplights, led par light, stage effect equipment and so on. Since 2012, good quality have been certified by CE and ROHS, warranty 2 years, nice customer service and after-sales.

Recently, European customers bought a batch of stage lights from our company, including moving head lights, strobe lights and beam lights, and held a big DJ party. The DJ party was very lively, people followed the melody of music and light irradiation on the dance floor to cheer heartily. They put aside all the troubles, enjoy the happy atmosphere at that time, relax themselves, carefree, enjoy it.

Our company's stage lighting has been exported all over the world, and the products are competitive price and stable quality, can satisfy most customers. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. Our website is www.leahualight.com




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