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Guangzhou (International) Entertainment Technology Show 2023

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Guangzhou (International) Entertainment Technology Show 2023

Guangzhou (International) Entertainment Technology Show (GETShow 2023) will take place from 8th to 11th May 2023 at the Poly World Trade Expo in Guangzhou China! 

The highlights of the show are as follows:

  • A total area of more than 80,000 square meters, attracting nearly 1,000 strong  exhibitors from globally renowned brands.

  • Nearly 100 light shows, such as theme of art and technology integration activities,  including the bar entertainment theme show “Cshow”, the first nomination  exhibition of young stage designers in Guangdong Province, "GETshow Cup" youth  stage lighting designer competition, etc.

  • Dozens of meaningful activities during the exhibition, such as summit forums,  technical seminars, training sessions, a large creative light show; an immersive bar  theme show, and a large outdoor line array display etc.

  • Strong support from industry experts, such as expert teachers, professional buyers'group, media power, etc.

Range of Products on Display:

The products to be displayed on the exhibition includes multiple categories, such as stage  performing sound, sound for karaoke rooms, public broadcasting, conference system,  stage lighting, LED, laser equipment, microphone, amplifier, stage peripherals, and smart  lighting controlling system, so as to show the high technologies and new trends of the  industry. 

We are GZ Leahua Light Co.,Limited, a professional stage lighting manufacturer in China, mainly specialized in stage lighting, such as LED moving head lights, LED par lights, LED effect lights, Battery lights, stage effect lights & parts, and so on. 

 As a stage lighting manufacture expert, entering the professional lighting market in 2012, we enjoy a reputation in the whole world, which aspires us to bring the most advanced concept of stage light to China. Our consolidated factory, with an area of 3,000 square meters, is fully equipped with modern production facilities. These plants can annually produce over 15,000 units of stage lights. 

 We believe in providing customers with quality products and responsive services. We consider every customer as our family member, and assist them to solve any difficulty. Offering customer-oriented service and creating value for customers are the everlasting pursuit of us.

We will also participate in this GETShow 2023, and our booth number is 5F-04A. We look forward to seeing you at our booth!



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