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IP66/Indoor 10*40W LED Batten Zoom Moving Head Light

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IP66/Indoor 10*40W LED Batten Zoom Moving Head Light

10 * 40W LED Zoom Moving Head Bar is born in July 2018, has been developed for 5 years, it's a very mature and very classic stage lighting. 


10 * 40W has Zoom, each LEDs individual control performance, the angle of Zoom around 3-60 °, with wash, beam , and strobe effect makes the stage more charm and more active. 


At present, we have also developed waterproof series, IP66 ultra-high protection level, and compare indoor versions, we add arm hanging function on the original basis, easy to use, meet different needs of stage hanging mode.


this waterproof light with LCD touch screen display, flexible agility, and when you can connect all the lights into a line, the arm to the arm, without gap, making the stage performance effect more exciting, and fully meet the light demand of various applications, Meeting customer needs has always been the goal of our efforts!




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