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Information about the effect of light

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Information about the effect of light

The effect light is a type of stage film and television light that uses the combination of lighting, mechanical transmission, and electrical control to project various scenes, natural meteorological changes, and illusory scenes. It can show various static and moving scenes such as rain, snow, flames, clouds, waves, lightning, rising sun, etc. It can also use dynamic shadows as the background to show changes in various landscapes, mines, etc.

Here is the content list:

 Classification of effect lights

 Types of stage effect lights

Classification of effect lights

1. Stage led effect lights are slides, large and bright, and the principle is the same as that of general slides. When moving projection is required, a dedicated projection slide is used. There are many kinds of stage effect lights, such as the canopy slides that produce various backgrounds on the sky, the subtitle slides used for text descriptions in theatrical performances, and the turntable slides that show special effects light such as moving clouds, waves, and red flags. The running water slideshow, the lightning effector, rain and snow effector, turntable effector, double ring belt effector, etc.

2. Video effect lights are a lamp with a large lighting scene and high power.

Types of stage effect lights

①Cosmic ball light: It is a spherical effect light with 20 to 30 colored beams projected at the same time. A darker dance hall or bar, makes people feel like they are in the universe and space.

②The roller light: It is an effect light with 8 to 20 colored beams projected at the same time on the four sides of the cuboid roller. The function is the same as the cosmic ball light.

③Multi-head rotating effect light: There are four, six, and eight heads, which can be rotated independently, and the beam projection angle can be adjusted within a certain range.

④Mirror reflection ball effect light: Glass mirrors of different sizes are regularly pasted on the outer surface of a sphere, which is driven by a motor to rotate in one direction. Many moving reflection spots of different sizes are obtained indoors.

⑤The stroboscopic effect lamp: It is to adjust the pulse frequency of the xenon lamp to make it have the effect light of fast and slow flickering. Mainly used to enhance the sense of rhythm when dancing to disco.

⑥Scanning effect light: There are one, two, and four heads. For example, a four-head scanning light has four colored lights that rotate at a certain plane angle. At the same time, each lamp head can also rotate up and down to change the pitch angle to form a scanning light.

⑦Mushroom light: It is a mushroom appearance, one-way rotation, and can cast multi-color beam effect light.

⑧UFO effect light: The light-passing openings projecting colored beams are lined up around the disc-shaped light body, which can rotate in a plane and rotate 360°.

⑨A a colored effect light chain: It is to string together small colored effect light bulbs of the same specification into a long chain, and use a programmable light controller to make these light bulbs periodically light up at different times intervals.

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