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Mechanical system and electrical characteristics of moving the head light

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Mechanical system and electrical characteristics of moving the head light

Moving head lightis usually used in stage, square, professional moving head computer light, is a high-tech product integrating electronics, machinery, and optics. So what are the mechanical systems and electrical characteristics of a moving head light? Let's see together.

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l Computer system

l Electrical Characteristics

Computer system

There is a wide range of moving head light mechanical systems, including materials, structures, mechanical properties, housing requirements, heat dissipation requirements, and more. The main considerations for the selection of moving head light materials are: meeting the functional requirements of the lamp, manufacturing ease, and economy. The materials of international and domestic 1200W moving head lights are mainly steel, plastic, and aluminum alloy. Under the premise of satisfying the lamp's overall function, the lamp's structural model is designed, which is divided into different parts and uses different materials.

The structure of a moving head light determines its mechanical properties, heat dissipation, strength, noise, weight, and other factors. Both international and domestic 1200W moving head lights adopt a double-arm support structure. The light body rotates up to 540° horizontally and up to 255° vertically. The base part must be strengthened to meet the hanging and flipping requirements of the moving head light.

The mechanical properties of the moving head light are mainly reflected in the mechanical strength of the lamp body parts so that the lamp body is not deformed, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, shock-resistant, and pressure-resistant within the continuous and effective working time; the shell of the lamp must have strict Waterproof, dustproof, antistatic and moisture proof requirements. According to the degree of dustproof and waterproof, the protection level requirements of different housings are divided: for example, the protection requirement level of indoor moving lights is usually IP20, and the protection requirement level of outdoor moving lights is usually IP44. 1200W high-power moving light machinery Structure, the heat dissipation requirements of moving head light are essential. If the heat dissipation system is defective, it will usually cause electrical parameter drift, color film, film breakage, plaques, and serious consequences such as crash, loss of step, and uncontrolled.

Electrical Characteristics

The vast majority of professional 1200Wmoving head lights around the world use rare gas discharge bulb light sources. The starting and stable operation of the gas discharge bulb depends on the design of the circuit type, and the selection of electrical components such as power supply and ballast. After the rare gas discharge bulb is started, it generally does not need stabilization time. To ensure stabilization, the difference between the maintenance voltage of the circuit and the instantaneous voltage of the bulb should be sufficiently large during the entire AC cycle.

The starting, stability, extinguishing, and restarting of the moving head light source should be designed according to the characteristics of the light source. The starting voltage of rare gas discharge bubbles is very high, and it is required to use transformers, starting devices, semi-resonant circuits, etc. to increase the instantaneous starting voltage. The stability of the moving head light source after starting depends on the matching of the ballast and circuit parameters. The basic function of the ballast is to prevent current runaway and keep the light source operating at its normal electrical characteristics. Manufacturers usually use two types of ballasts, one is an inductive rectifier and the other is an electronic rectifier. The advantage of inductive rectifiers is good stability. The moving head light electronic rectifier is essentially a power conversion circuit that changes the input power current in terms of frequency, waveform, and amplitude. Its advantage is lightweight, convenient loading, unloading, and handling.

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