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Structure and performance test of led wash light

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Structure and performance test of led wash light

LED wash light has the characteristics of energy-saving, high light efficiency, rich colors, and long life. It is widely used in the lighting of special facilities such as medical treatment and culture, as well as the atmospheric lighting of entertainment places such as bars and dance halls. There are three styles of led wash light: round led wash light, long strip led wash light bar, and waterproof outdoor led wash light, with similar technical parameters.

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  • The structure of the led wash light

  • Performance test of led wash light

The structure of the led wash light

The power module of the led wash light bar is installed inside the housing, and the space is limited. To save space, some manufacturers solder the surface of the pin-type components on the PCB, which is not accepted by the public. These surface-soldered pin-type components are likely to fall off due to virtual soldering and other reasons, causing danger. Therefore, the socket welding method should be adopted as far as possible for these components. Based on the luminous characteristics of LEDs, the structure of led wash light is more complicated than that of incandescent lamps, and it is divided into the light source, driving circuit, and heat sink. The cooperation of these parts can create led washing products with low energy consumption, long life, high light efficiency, and environmental protection. Therefore, round led wash light, long strip led wash light bar, and waterproof outdoor led wash light are still high-tech lighting products with high technical content.

Performance test of led wash light

The temperature rise test of the led wash light is a must-do item for product safety testing. The standard has certain temperature rise limits for different components. In the product design stage, the manufacturer should attach great importance to the heat dissipation of the product, especially for certain components. If the parts of the led wash light work under high-temperature conditions for a long time, they will be easily damaged, resulting in the danger of fire or electric shock. The power module inside the luminaire is in a closed and narrow space, and the heat dissipation is limited. Therefore, when manufacturers select components, they should pay attention to selecting the specifications of suitable components to ensure that the components work with a certain margin, to avoid overheating caused by the components working under the condition of close to full load for a long time. When the led wash light is produced, it is necessary to carry out an aging test on the led wash light for about 24 hours, and the waterproof test should be carried out immediately after the aging test. In this way, the real IP protection level of the led wash light can be tested by simulating the real environment. This method is generally called thermal measurement. After the lamp emits heat, there will be a phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction. Only at this time can the test truly test whether the led wash light is competent in harsh outdoor environments. Failure testing is a crucial test item in product certification testing. This test item is to short-circuit or open some components on the line to simulate possible failures during actual use, and to evaluate the safety of the product under single-fault conditions.

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