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The benefits of effect lights

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The benefits of effect lights

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, higher requirements have been placed on the aesthetics of art. As a representative of elegant art, stage-led effect light play a role that cannot be underestimated in cultivating sentiment and shaping characteristics.

Here is the content list:

●  Effect lighting guides the viewer's line of sight

●  Effect lights help shape characters

Effect lighting guides the viewer's line of sight

Effect light is a kind of medium. Its original meaning is to illuminate, but this does not mean that the essence of light is to illuminate, because different scenes have different requirements for lighting effects. One of the main purposes of the effect light is to guide the audience's attention through the intensity of light and color during the development of the plot. Therefore, one of the functions of the effect light can be said to guide the audience's sight. In this process, the effect lighting plays the role of connecting the visual elements. It attracts the audience's attention through the change of color, thereby locking people's perspectives in the wonderful plot and highlighting the key points of the performance. For example, when characters appear, effects that attract the attention of the audience are often used. In a pitch-black curtain, while the audience was waiting anxiously, a beam of strong light could instantly attract the audience to the scene where the characters appeared.

Effect lights help shape characters

In the shaping of the characters, the controllability of the stage lighting is used, and the three-dimensional sense of the characters is vividly shaped through the adjustment of the lighting. Characters are the main body in the performance, and they can create their unique image characteristics under different environmental needs. In ordinary stage plays, the plot has priorities, vigor, and decadence. The use of black in stage plays creates a dark and despairing intention, creating a terrifying yet irresistible attraction. It can also make people fall into the sadness and sadness brought about by the emotions of the characters. Black usually also symbolizes the dark side of people's hearts, such as filth and so on. The use of effect light adds new vitality to the performance of the whole plot, which is a dramatic change. However, the lights in the traditional stage led effect light, including top light, side light, ear slap, and foot light, show the same shape, and the lamps are composed of backlight, soft light, and spotlight.

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At present, Leahua has the world's leading stage equipment: beam light led moving head light, led par light, battery light, stage effect light, outdoor light, etc. it has a strong and technical team to support OEM and ODM manufacturing. Lehua has 3000 square meters of factory, more than 50 employees, and multiple production lines, with a monthly production capacity of 3000 sets of lights.

After nearly 10 years of development, the company has built leading products and capacity, manufacturing capacity, and marketing capacity in the stage entertainment lighting industry. The products are exported to domestic and foreign markets, the corporate image continues to improve and the social influence continues to grow. The above is the relevant content about the future development of effect lights. If you are interested in stage-led effect light, you can contact us, our website is https://www.leahualight.com/. I look forward to your arrival and hope to cooperate with you.



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