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Waterproof Battery DMX Led tube Light

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Waterproof Battery DMX Led tube Light

Waterproof battery DMX LED tube light is a new product which produced by LEAHUA Light. It generally use on stage, show, event and film production. As an atmosphere setting fixture, the tube light shows excellent auxiliary functions both indoors and outdoors.


The basic item of tube light F096 includes 128pcs of 0.25W RGB 3in1 leds, there are 16 sections control, every section includes 8pcs leds(4pcs per row, 2rows). It has brilliant lighting effect as following pictures,





The F096 Battery Tube Light required 8000mAh lithium battery, can work 4-6hours(full on) unplugged. Its LCD display and touch button is easy to operate and control, convenient to set various modes, and easy to switch.

The Waterproof Battery LED Tube Light has a variety of control modes: mx512, wireless DMX, IR remote control, sound, auto. IP65 make the tube light work no limited especially outdoor. After several anti falling tests, the performance of battery lighting is more stable and prominent.

Features of waterproof Battery Tube Light

The Tube Light’s CRI≥90,powerful and tunable whites is offering when filmmakers, studios, event technician and any creative person use it. Ultra-high color will be applied to individual pixel sections or whole tube. Scenario and purposes are unlimited since the tube light required build-in battery which can keep at least 4hours working time and IP65 waterproof function: creative or general event. indoor or outdoor.

We’ve been exported the tube lights to worldwide, its competitive price and stable quality let most of our customer be satisfied. If you are interested in our tube light, please feel free to contact us. Our website is www.leahualight.com



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