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Optical system and lighting system for moving head light

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Optical system and lighting system for moving head light

In large-scale performance venues such as stages and TV stations, there are many lights and high power. The lights are required to adapt to the changing requirements of the performance. In the past, these control methods were analog control methods, using voltage or current to control thyristors. In so many lighting situations, it is easy to be disturbed and affect the performance effect. Control systems are using digital technology in foreign countries, but the price is high and it is difficult to promote. 

There are also such products in China in recent years, but the control scale is small and the functions are not many, so it is challenging to meet the diversified requirements. The system we developed is based on domestic and foreign products, and according to the actual needs of our country, it can achieve more than 20 control times per second, and control channels up to 256 or more. Alternate and other functions can also realize the functions of offline editing of programs by users and interconnection between controllers and computers, making the product more suitable for modern requirements. So what is the optical system and lighting system of the moving head light? Let's see together.

Here is the content list:

  • Optical system

  • Components of the lighting system

Optical system

The main consideration in the design of a moving head light optical system is the utilization of light flux of the light source. Specific performance indicators include light intensity, uniformity, saturation, and spot size. Two factors affect the above indicators, one is the light source, and the other is the optical system structure and material selection. Domestic and foreign manufacturers and users recommend short-arc double-ended metal gas discharge lamps. Its characteristics are compactness, high brightness, high color temperature, good color rendering, and the light source can maintain a relatively stable color temperature in the process of dimming. In the optical structure, to obtain a uniformly mixed beam, a parabolic mirror can be used. To collect divergent or narrow beams, a mirror with scale processing or surface texture should be selected. Reflector systems made with specular reflective materials are better than refractive systems. When several beams need to be obtained from one light source, a prism or lens combination refractive system can be used. At present, in the optical design of 1200Wmoving head light at home and abroad, the lens combination method is used, which is composed of aspherical (that is, parabolic) quartz lenses.

The most essential characteristic of a parabolic lens is to place a point light source at the focal point, which will result in a parallel beam. When designing the light path of the moving head light, it is also necessary to consider the relationship between the light intensity distribution curve, the shape and the size of the light source, the aperture size of the reflective lens, and the shape of the light source.

Components of the lighting system

In addition to the two spindle motors of the moving head light, one or more motors with lower power are installed in the system lamp body to realize various controls such as color, pattern, and strobe. The light source is generally a high-brightness light bulb. The pattern turntable and the color turntable are turntables with several round holes evenly distributed along the edge. The round holes of the pattern turntable are filled with hollow pattern sheets, and the round holes of the color turntable are filled with color. Glass, the round hole is aligned with the optical axis when the turntable rotates. The strong white light emitted by the moving head light source forms a light column with a set shape and color through the pattern turntable and the color turntable. At the same time, the action of the stroboscopic shutter realizes the action of turning the light on and off, achieving a certain artistic effect.

The above is about the optical system and lighting system of moving head lights. If you are interested in moving head lights, DJ moving head lights, or led moving head lights, you can contact us. Our website is https://www. leahualight.com/.



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